June 10, 2023



The new Generative Fill function in Adobe Photoshop (Beta, currently at time of writing) is a game-changing new tool, but it has a big limitation in regards to resolution, with the maximum quality it will render being 1024px longest edge. This means that extending high resolution images will result in a low quality result in the AI sections, not ideal.

I've worked to create an action set that overcomes this, with actions included for extending in any direction, or all around. This action set works best with images that are 6000px longest edge, although will still work with anything smaller, and can be adapted for larger images too.


PLEASE NOTE: This action set will only work with versions of Adobe Photoshop that feature Generative Fill. At the time of writing, this is just the Photoshop Beta, available through the Creative Cloud application. Eventually it will be available on standard versions of Photoshop.

If you receive an error when playing the action in regards to aligning a layer, please make sure that your align menu is set to 'Canvas' instead of 'Selection. You will see this option in the top bar when a layer is selected.

Although this set is free to download, I would really appreciate if you were able to share this website directly to others who might wish to download, or if you could like and comment on the original post that directed you here. If you would like to check out my photography, please click here. Thank you.